Skyfloor Air

Landingpage, Brand development Seo and Ads Campaign: Skyfloor Air

In collaboration with Taghell GmbH, we developed and launched a high-converting landing page, including a state-of-the-art visual configurator to enhance the user experience. Our strategic planning phase involved a deep understanding of Taghell GmbH's objectives, audience, and competitors. This helped us map out key messages and develop a focused project strategy.

We built an engaging and user-friendly landing page for the design and development phase that mirrored the strong brand identity of Skyfloor and developed a new Name and image mark for the Skyloor Air product line. A key feature we integrated was a visual product configurator. This interactive tool allowed users to visualize and customize the product according to their preferences, supporting their imagination and ensuring a lean order process.

Concurrently, we focused on compelling content creation, sculpting persuasive narratives to guide visitors toward a clear call to action. We optimized the landing page for search engines, enhancing its visibility. Complementing SEO, we also executed a targeted Search Engine Advertising campaign. Through in-depth keyword research, compelling ad creation, and campaign management, we were able to drive quality traffic to the new landing page. Performance tracking was vital for our project. We utilized Google Analytics, Google Ads Conversion tracking, and heatmap tools to gain insight into the page's performance and user interactions. We rigorously tested the landing page before its launch and continued to monitor and optimize its performance post-launch. This comprehensive approach significantly increased visitor engagement and lead conversions for Taghell GmbH, underscoring the project's success.


Green Oasis

Integrated Real Estate Campaign: Branding, Web Development, and Isometric Visualization

Naming and Brand Design

The cornerstone of our project was creating a compelling and memorable brand name designed to reflect our mission and core values. We aimed to convey reliability, innovation, and comprehensive real estate expertise. Through rigorous brainstorming and market research, we chose a name Perron Vert, that resonated with our target audience and stood out in the competitive landscape.

Complementing our brand name, we developed a clean, modern, and dynamic logo and visual identity. We employed a color palette inspired by modern architecture and nature, symbolizing the fusion of comfort and luxury that our properties offer. We extended the branding strategy to our typography, imagery, and other visual elements, communicating our dedication to quality, professionalism, and client satisfaction.


The website was meticulously crafted to offer an exceptional user experience. We prioritized intuitive navigation and responsiveness, ensuring seamless functionality across all devices. To create an interactive user experience, we developed an advanced floor plan of all buildings, allowing visitors to browse properties based on their preferences quickly.


We leveraged isometric design principles to add a new level of depth and perspective to the property presentations. Isometric visuals offered a unique view of the properties, allowing potential buyers to better understand the spatial layout of a property. This led to a higher level of engagement from website visitors and will contribute significantly to our increased lead-to-client conversion rate.

Key Learning and Future Plans

This project reaffirmed the importance of targeted, customer-centric, and multi-channel marketing. As we move forward, we aim to leverage emerging technologies, like AI and machine learning, for more refined audience targeting. We also plan to explore innovative mediums, such as drone videography and augmented reality for property tours, to continue delivering a first-rate digital experience.


Cello Angehrn, Jacqueline Graf, Yannick Fey, Kevin Müller, Joachim Hummel, Tuan Nguyen, Khoa Nguyen

Huber Fenster AG

Wanted. Found.

A shortage of skilled workers is the key issue for many companies. Finding the right people with the right skills is becoming a mammoth task. Absolut supports this challenging process with employer branding, differentiated addressing of the target groups on the appropriate channels and involving campaigns. With the message "The frame for your perspective" a crossmedia campaign was created for Huber Fenster. Concept, design, communication, idea & storyboard recruiting film and web development by Absolut. Production & editing recruiting film: Kollektiv Oskar

Villa Digital Engineering AG


When absolute openness on the customer side leads to uncompromising, impressive and successful results. The "V" connects - namely the surveying and visualization professionals of Villa Digital Engineering Switzerland, Vietnam and Australia. The umbrella branding was consistently implemented, and 3D technologies such as Three.js were used for the digital solutions in the web area. The result is a tangible and unique overall presence - arrived in the future.

Kanton St.Gallen

one for all

The new brand of the Canton of St. Gallen was conceptually and graphically developed and implemented by Absolut Agentur: corporate identity with launch campaign incl. digital brand configurator for brand experience, giveaways, print measures.

greenteg AG

Gold Winning Technology

Main brand concept, brand design, UX design and communication measures for greenteg: high-precision micro-sensors made in Switzerland for top-class sport, medicine, building technology, innovation.

Swisca AG


With premium solutions in mill construction, SWISCA is ushering in the "Next Generation" internationally. High-tech solutions from Eastern Switzerland are essential in future resource-saving handling. Concept, UI/UX design, and digital implementation based on React from Absolut.



Inspired by the past, Stol reinterprets design classics. The pieces are manufactured entirely in Switzerland and are made to last for generations. The constant exploration of design, quality, simplicity and timelessness connects agency and client. Naming, branding, communication and UX design by Absolut.

Huber Fenster AG


Implementation of the website with React/Next.js of the refreshing and distinctive redesign of Huber Fenster in collaboration with Simone Züger Design Studio. In addition, a high-precision 3D window configurator was developed and implemented, allowing interested parties to configure the products to the smallest detail according to their wishes. The extensive knowledge database Hubothek records products, materials, components and gadgets with a picture, description, and a direct link to their use in references.

Aerne Engineering AG

Progressive Engineering

Innovative thinking - the rebranding and intuitive UX design of the website: the technical content of Aerne AG, presented in an appealing, modern and informative way.


Awaken the evil within

The taste of Ginevil captivates with character, seduction, and surprise. The spirited gin contrasts the lovely image of other gins with its mystical branding and unique positioning. The product design, as well as the development of the online presence, underpin the distinctive image of a not-everyday gin.

Urech Lyss Versand AG

Dressed. For outdoors.

The new attractive website with an integrated, intuitive e-commerce store ensures a positive experience when contacting the Urech Lyss brand. The goal: a positive image transfer to increase sales.

Peak Punk

No Bullshit Inside

A real power case. The complete package on all levels for the natural sports food brand Peak Punk: powerful naming, branding, communication, image film, web, e-commerce up to the all-important packaging.

Mikrona Technologie AG

Create Your Own Story

What a story! The creative market relaunch including all online measures and an effective campaign for Mikrona Group AG, a manufacturer of high-quality products in the field of dentistry.

TS Tor & Service AG


Our holistic long-term partnership with TS Tor & Service AG yielded everything from CI/CD, online and offline measures, and behavioral branding to sponsoring, product development, strategic marketing, customer events, and product development.

iRobot Corporation


Creation of a user-friendly web store with a range of Irobot air purifier products. Easy to navigate, clear and simple. The beautiful design of the products is reflected in the online presence.

Coatmaster AG


An eye for detail and the big picture: brand realisation, development of the brand world, UI/UX design and trade fair presence perfectly coordinated. result: "touchless" touches.

Verein Ukraine Hilfe


For a good cause: overall concept, message, campaign, artwork, communication, website, fundraising feature, and POS material of the fundraising campaign "A HOUSE DOES NOT MAKE A HOME" - for housing containers in Ukraine.

Verein St.Galler Rheintal

Even closer

From the Rhine Valley to the Internet: the technical implementation of the website - in successful cooperation with the Farner agency.

Appenzeller Druckerei AG


Absolut gives a face to the cooperative idea of the Appenzeller Druckerei and brings “Zomi Wohl” to life. The cosmopolitan, likeable and talented Appenzeller slips into various roles and carries ADAG’s commitment to the region to the outside world. Concept, campaign and UX design by Absolut, Illustrations by Cindy Winkelried.

proarbeit AG

Job: Done.

The comprehensive conception of design and structure as well as the graphic and technical UX/UI implementation of the website for the most diverse stakeholders - in a simple design and with easy navigation around the various offers for professional integration and coaching of proarbeit AG.

The Rogers

The place to be

Welcome to the club: events, sports, enjoyment, and exciting people under one roof - at The Rogers clubhouse. Sporty brand and communication build-up with branding, packaging, design, signage, event communication, and coding.

Mercurio Technology GmbH

Customs Software

Moves worldwide: brand relaunch, campaign development, state-of-the-art UI/UX design, forward-looking web technology, and actual wording around Mercurio's customs software products.

Divario AG Insektenschutz

Belongs behind bars!

Mosquitoes belong behind bars and not in the house - thanks to insect protection products from Divario. With the development of the Insect Criminal campaign and the practical price calculator, we are attracting attention with the successful combination of helpful functionality and creative staging.


Hot stuff

Really delicious! A complete redesign and optimization of the programming of the existing store: UI/UX testing, spicy expansion of payment methods, easy reservation tools and access to all forms, and crisp campaigning on Google and social media.

Basecamper AG


Pure wanderlust: the wild branding and intuitive booking website around the rental of campers - a great experience from the first click to the last day of vacation.

Schreinerei Hölzli GmbH

Carved from quality wood

Fine craftsmanship: a strong rebranding and a polished web relaunch with new imagery, holistic behavioral branding including clothing and vehicle lettering.

Truck-Servicecenter AG Embrach

Over the top

The full program for truckers: branding, photography, e-commerce and the website with a concise design and a clearly structured structure.

Santa Farina

Pizza on click

Unique catering experience with the newly developed branding: naming, logo, illustrations, car signage, UI/UX design, user testing as well as conception and implementation of the practical pizza configurator.

Focacceria AG


More than a gin. FIN comes from the culinary universe of the focacceria - the name, brand and packaging of Absolut. Magical as it is, it changes colour before being enjoyed. Cheers. Video by fruitjuicer

Ivan Schnider Company


Where aesthetics, style and grace are the focus of action, one's own identity and outward communication become a mirror of this. Only if all parties involved speak the same language, an uncompromising and coherent overall picture is created. Branding, photography, UX design by Absolut.


Creative accompaniment of the celebrations of Karin Keller-Sutter's election to the Council of States as part of personal branding. A complete concept from the general communication of information to the decorations to the "St.Galler Bratwurst" pack.

Honestum GmbH

Living the dream

Real estate web concept with multi-site setup. The online presence of Honestum AG's real estate projects impresses with its design, user guidance, and easily visible information about the respective property. Also, it contributes to the successful marketing of the properties with analog documents.


Wages for family caregivers

Complete rebranding and relaunch of the Arana Care brand, including the Arana Care Academy - from logo to wording: website, image concept, campaigning, and onboarding workflow.

Verein Mutperlen

Courage for the little ones

Complete web presence with loving design and technical implementation for the association Mutperlen, which wants to give hope to children with cancer by means of cheerful pearl necklaces - visible and, above all, tangible.

Jamming Piercing


Holistic branding for Jamming Piercing. Once branding, imagery, and photography, this success story evolved further with the creation of an eye-catching campaign, and an atmospheric image film and a website.

Bratwurst & Co GmbH


Holistic appearance and communication: photography, creation and design of the website including e-commerce solution as well as everything from packaging to interior design.

BAWO St. Gallen

Dream of living space

Holistic rebranding with new design, fresh imagery, and technical web relaunch for the Bau- und Wohngenossenschaft St. Gallen, a building and housing cooperative committed to affordable housing with a cooperative spirit.

A.V. Amicitia

Time travel

One of the oldest fraternities of the University of St.Gallen combines past and future under the term "TIME" for its 100th anniversary. Absolut plans and implements the branding, all communication measures, the ceremony and the flatbook as a reminder of the eventful year.

Ortho-Walker AG


Concept and design of the customer magazine Top Gear for the Mikrona Group. We produced exciting imagery and photography, custom graphs and graphics, fitting copywriting and of course a modern layout.

Muscles for Michael


The world's most expensive drug is the only hope for a normal life for one-year-old Michael, who suffers from SMA type 1 disease. The 2.4 million US dollar drug from Novartis is only approved in the USA at this time. Michael's family turned to Absolut and, together with them, all levers were set in motion to increase public pressure on politicians and health insurance companies. More than 45,000 followers on social media, private donors, committed celebrities and involved media make it possible that after only four weeks little Michael gets the life-saving infusion at Heidelberg University Hospital. Branding, concept, social media campaign by Absolut.

cash for trash


Adorable branding and overarching communications for the annual, iconic Cash for Trash event series. A truly special experience centered around second-hand products and services.

SRK - Schweizerisches Rotes Kreuz


Comprehensive creation and communication of the print design as well as the creation of the website for the Swiss Red Cross in both the cantons of Appenzell.


Relaxed successful

The cooperation contains strategic planning, redesign and programming of the website with integrated, target-oriented e-commerce platform for CBD products.

Ahoy appearance!

Launch and full speed ahead for the holistic brand identity, including the website of Nautika, the leading boating school and event location on the water.



We created an interactive, digital learning map as part of the Lifelong Learning Pledge. Straightforward functions, playful design and effortless navigation through numerous, exciting learning topics.