Skyfloor Air

Landingpage, Brand development Seo and Ads Campaign: Skyfloor Air

In collaboration with Taghell GmbH, we developed and launched a high-converting landing page, including a state-of-the-art visual configurator to enhance the user experience. Our strategic planning phase involved a deep understanding of Taghell GmbH's objectives, audience, and competitors. This helped us map out key messages and develop a focused project strategy.

We built an engaging and user-friendly landing page for the design and development phase that mirrored the strong brand identity of Skyfloor and developed a new Name and image mark for the Skyloor Air product line. A key feature we integrated was a visual product configurator. This interactive tool allowed users to visualize and customize the product according to their preferences, supporting their imagination and ensuring a lean order process.

Concurrently, we focused on compelling content creation, sculpting persuasive narratives to guide visitors toward a clear call to action. We optimized the landing page for search engines, enhancing its visibility. Complementing SEO, we also executed a targeted Search Engine Advertising campaign. Through in-depth keyword research, compelling ad creation, and campaign management, we were able to drive quality traffic to the new landing page. Performance tracking was vital for our project. We utilized Google Analytics, Google Ads Conversion tracking, and heatmap tools to gain insight into the page's performance and user interactions. We rigorously tested the landing page before its launch and continued to monitor and optimize its performance post-launch. This comprehensive approach significantly increased visitor engagement and lead conversions for Taghell GmbH, underscoring the project's success.

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