Green Oasis

Integrated Real Estate Campaign: Branding, Web Development, and Isometric Visualization

Naming and Brand Design

The cornerstone of our project was creating a compelling and memorable brand name designed to reflect our mission and core values. We aimed to convey reliability, innovation, and comprehensive real estate expertise. Through rigorous brainstorming and market research, we chose a name Perron Vert, that resonated with our target audience and stood out in the competitive landscape.

Complementing our brand name, we developed a clean, modern, and dynamic logo and visual identity. We employed a color palette inspired by modern architecture and nature, symbolizing the fusion of comfort and luxury that our properties offer. We extended the branding strategy to our typography, imagery, and other visual elements, communicating our dedication to quality, professionalism, and client satisfaction.


The website was meticulously crafted to offer an exceptional user experience. We prioritized intuitive navigation and responsiveness, ensuring seamless functionality across all devices. To create an interactive user experience, we developed an advanced floor plan of all buildings, allowing visitors to browse properties based on their preferences quickly.


We leveraged isometric design principles to add a new level of depth and perspective to the property presentations. Isometric visuals offered a unique view of the properties, allowing potential buyers to better understand the spatial layout of a property. This led to a higher level of engagement from website visitors and will contribute significantly to our increased lead-to-client conversion rate.

Key Learning and Future Plans

This project reaffirmed the importance of targeted, customer-centric, and multi-channel marketing. As we move forward, we aim to leverage emerging technologies, like AI and machine learning, for more refined audience targeting. We also plan to explore innovative mediums, such as drone videography and augmented reality for property tours, to continue delivering a first-rate digital experience.


Cello Angehrn, Jacqueline Graf, Yannick Fey, Kevin Müller, Joachim Hummel, Tuan Nguyen, Khoa Nguyen

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